We sincerely appreciate your interest in joining our little group, and are always on the lookout for talented mature individuals. There is no BR/CR/Kill requirement, we feel these may not reflect the applicant's aptitudes. However, every applicant is expected to be familiar with the game and show a considerable amount of experience in one or more of it's disciplines.

Admittance is not a linear process. Some members have been admitted in 3 days, others in 3 months. There are steps you can take to facilitate the decision: Upon receiving and acknowleding an application, we decide if we wish to grant the individual a tryout. If so, we invite the applicant to actively squad with us until our members are comfortable with granting them permission to join us on TeamSpeak. If the applicant displays a sense of maturity and professionalism, we resume the tryout.

In general, we require all active members to have played a sufficient amount of time with the applicant so as to make an informed decision. When all members are ready, we call a vote. By now, the decision is usually unanimous or heavily weighted towards a particular outcome. If a member has issues or problems with the applicant, for whatever reason, we postpone the vote until the matter is resolved.

If a player is recruited, they are assigned the rank of Recruit until we feel they have shown a considerable commitment to the outfit, at which point they are granted the rank of Midget. If the application is refused or the if vote is not in favor of admittance, we inform the player and the reasons behind our decision. The player is welcome to tryout again, but is required to wait a minimum of 3 weeks prior to doing so.

Whilst our recruitment policy may seem rather regimental and excessively complicated, keep in mind that we wish to maintain a high standard amongst our players, and are comitted to making sure everyone gets along.